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Descent ][ Co-op on Kali. Descent 3 Anarchy on PXO.

Descent is a unique first-person shooter: instead of running around fragging enemies, the player flies a ship (the Pyro GX or a variant) through twisting, turning Escherian 3-D mines, where up becomes down and left becomes right. Unlike other, mouse-controlled first-person shooters, Descent demands joystick control. This, combined with a game environment in which movement in any direction, at any attitude, is possible (and even necessary), makes for a steep learning curve, and Descent has not developed the mass following of many other games. Still, the series has gained a small but hardcore following. Descent3 features several gameplaye modes:

Single player Single player
Anarchy Anarchy
Robo Anarchy Robo Anarchy
Team Anarchy Team Anarchy
Hyper Anarchy Hyper Anarchy
Hoard Hoard
Co-op Co-operative
Capture the Flag Capture the Flag
Monsterball Monsterball
Entropy Entropy

Anarchy is the conventional every-man-for-himself deathmatch. Robo Anarchy adds the single-player robots into the mix. Team Anarchy is like conventional Anarchy mode, but with players divided into teams. In Hyper Anarchy, the player carrying the Hyper Orb gets more points for each kill, but drops the orb upon being killed. Hoard is similar to Anarchy, but with an addition. When a player is killed by another, a glowing green orb is dropped, along with normal powerups. Any player picking up this Hoard orb and taking it to a scoring station recieves a point. If a player scores while holding more than one orb, more points are awarded. Hence, the motivation to "hoard" orbs to gain more points. The only drawback: being killed results in the orbs being up for grabs to another player. Co-operative mode allows up to four players to take on the single-player levels and robots. Capture the flag pits from two to four teams (depending on the level set) against each other in the classic flag game. Monsterball is a another team variation, in which two teams play a sort of 3-D soccer game, attempting to move a giant ball into a goal, using various weapons or by simply ramming the ball with the ship. Entropy is a more complex team variant, with two to four teams attempting to capture each other's bases by carrying a requisite number of viruses into them. A more detailed explanation of Entropy game play and tactics is at Descent3D. It is also possible to create new game modes via mods, one such is Team Hoard. New mods continue to be released, which should extend the life of Descent3 considerably. See also D3 Team Play and GameSpot's Descent 3 Game Guide.

Dan Wentz on Descent (as originally posted to alt.games.descent, 30 August 1998)


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