Dai-Nippon Teikoku Kaigun Koukuu-tai

Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service

Aircraft Acquisition Programs

1929 - 1945

Starting in 1931, experimental aircraft were given a Shisaku Seizo (trial manufacture) designation, consisting of the Showa-era calendar year and Shi; for example, Experimental 10-Shi Carrier Attack Bomber (Showa 10, 1935).

Showa Year National Year Gregorian Year

4 2,589 1929
Flying Boat

Reconnaissance Seaplane

5 2,590 1930
No information

6-Shi 2,591 1931

6-Shi Night Reconnaissance Flying Boat 6-Shi Two-seat Carrier Fighter 6-Shi Carrier Bomber

7-Shi 2,592 1932
7-Shi Reconnaissance Seaplane

7-Shi Carrier Attack Bomber 7-Shi Carrier Fighter 7-Shi Twin-engine Carrier Aircraft 7-Shi Carrier Bomber 7-Shi Attack Bomber

8-Shi 2,593 1933
8-Shi Carrier Bomber

8-Shi Reconnaissance Seaplane 8-Shi Special Reconnaissance Plane 8-Shi Two-seat Carrier Fighter

9-Shi 2,594 1934
9-Shi Carrier Attack Bomber

9-Shi Small Reconnaissance Seaplane 9-Shi Attack Bomber 9-Shi Flying Boat 9-Shi Night Reconnaissance Seaplane 9-Shi Carrier Fighter

10-Shi 2,595 1935
10-Shi Carrier Attack Bomber

10-Shi Observation Seaplane 10-Shi Carrier Reconnaissance Plane

11-Shi 2,596 1936
11-Shi Seaplane Trainer

11-Shi Reconnaissance Seaplane 11-Shi Primary Trainer Seaplane 11-Shi Crew Trainer 11-Shi Carrier Bomber

12-Shi 2,597 1937
12-Shi Special Flying Boat

12-Shi Small Reconnaissance Seaplane 12-Shi Two-seat Reconnaissance Seaplane 12-Shi Three-seat Reconnaissance Seaplane 12-Shi Carrier Fighter 12-Shi Attack Bomber

13-Shi 2,598 1938
13-Shi Carrier Bomber

13-Shi Attack Bomber 13-Shi Flying Boat 13-Shi Training Flying Boat 13-Shi High-speed Reconnaissance Plane 13-Shi Escort Fighter

14-Shi 2,599 1939
14-Shi Primary Trainer

14-Shi Intermediate Trainer 14-Shi Interceptor Fighter 14-Shi High-speed Reconnaissance Seaplane 14-Shi Reconnaissance Seaplane 14-Shi Medium Flying Boat 14-Shi Carrier Attack Bomber

15-Shi 2,600 1940
15-Shi Operations Trainer

15-Shi Fighter Seaplane 15-Shi Training Fighter 15-Shi Bomber

16-Shi 2,601 1941
16-Shi Attack Bomber

16-Shi Carrier Attack Bomber 16-Shi Reconnaissance Seaplane

17-Shi 2,602 1942
17-Shi Reconnaissance Plane

17-Shi Patrol Plane 17-Shi Carrier Fighter 17-Shi Interceptor Fighter (1) 17-Shi Interceptor Fighter (2) 17-Shi Special Attack Bomber 17-Shi Carrier Reconnaissance Plane 17-Shi Primary Training Glider

18-Shi 2,603 1943
18-Shi Reconnaissance Plane

18-Shi Interceptor Fighter (1) 18-Shi Interceptor Fighter (2) 18-Shi Interceptor Fighter (3) 18-Shi Attack Bomber 18-Shi Night Fighter

19-Shi 2,604 1944
19-Shi Interceptor Fighter

19-Shi Patrol Plane

20-Shi 2,605 1945
20-Shi Carrier Fighter

20-Shi Special Torpedo Bomber Aircraft

Showa Year National Year Gregorian Year

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