Military Engine Manufacturer Codes

Uncommon Aircraft

Code Company Example Engine
A Allison Division of General Motors Corp. T56-A-14
AC Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co. J36-AC
AH American Helicopter Division of Fairchild ?
AJ Aerojet-General Corp. LR87-AJ-11
AM Aeromarine Co. ?
AN Aeronutronics Corp. ?
B Buick Motor Division of General Motors ?
BA Bell Aircraft Corp. ?
BL Bridgeport-Lycoming (AVCO) ?
BO Boeing Airplane Co. ?
C Chevrolet Division of General Motors ?
CFM CFM International (General Electric, SNECMA) F108-CFM-?
CW Curtiss-Wright Propellor Division ?
D Chrysler Corp. ?
DL De Laval Steam Turbine Co. ?
E Aircooled Motors Inc. (Franklin) ?
EE Elliot Manufacturing Co. ?
F Ford Motor Co. ?
FF Frederick Flader Inc. J55-FF-?
G Warner Aircraft Corp. ?
GA Garrett Engine Division, Allied-Signal F109-GA-100
GE General Electric, Gas Turbine Division J79-GE-8
GN G.M. Giannini & Co., Inc. ?
H Hiller Helicopters ?
HM Harvey Machine Co., Inc. ?
J Jacobs Aircraft Engine Co. ?
JH Joshua Hendy Iron Works (changed to NH) ?
K M.W. Kellog Inc. ?
KA Kiekhafer-Aeromarine Motors Inc. ?
KF Kaiser-Frazer Engine Division ?
KM Kaiser MAnufacturing Co. ?
L Lycoming Division, Avco Mfg. Corp., now Textron T55-L-11A
LA Lockheed Aircraft Corp. J37-LA-?
LHT Light Helicopter Turbine Engine Co. (Garrett, Allison) T800-LHT-800
MA Marquardt Aircraft Co. RJ43-MA-?
MD McDonnell Aircraft Corp. ?
MH McCulloch Motors Corp. ?
MN Menasco Manufacturing Co. ?
NA North American Aviation Inc. ?
NH Northrop Aircraft Inc. (Hendy) ?
NK Nash-Kelvinator Corp. ?
OEL Orenda Engines (Hawker Siddeley Canada) ?
P Pratt & Whitney Division (United) (changed to PW) J52-P-8A
PM Packard Motor Car Co. (formerly "V") ?
PW Pratt & Whitney Division (United) (formerly P) F100-PW-100
R Fairchild Engine Division, E & A Corp. ?
RM Reaction Motors Inc. ?
RP Radioplane Divison, Northrop ?
RR Rolls-Royce F405-RR-401
S Solar Aircraft Co. ?
ST Studebaker Corp. ?
T Continental Motors Corp., now Teledyne CAE (changed to CA) J69-T-25a
TT Taylor Turbine (Rolls-Royce) ?
V Packard Motor Car Co. (changed to PM) ?
W Wright Aeronautical Corp. RJ55-W-?
WE Westinghouse Electric Corp. J46-WE-?
WR Williams International Corp. F121-WR-100
WS West Engineering Co. ?
Code Company Example Engine


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