Military Turbojet Designations

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General Electric XJ53

The following table provides a brief reference list of U.S. turbojet engines in order by their military designation. The following information is provided:

J = Turbojet      
Manufacturer Model Designation Aircraft
? ? ? ?
Westinghouse, Pratt & Whitney 19B J30 FH, F9F, P-79, X-4
General Electric I-16 J31 FR, F2R, P-59
Westinghouse 19XB J32 ?
General Electric, Allison I-40 J33 F-80, F-81, F-83, F-92, F-94, T-1, T-33, A-2, P4M, F9F, F-5
Westinghouse 24C J34 F-85, F-87, F-88, F-90, T-2A, P-2, F-2, F-10, X-3, X-18, FR, F2R, F6U, F7U, D-558-2
General Electric, Allison TG-180 J35 F-84, F-86, F-89, B-43, B-45, B-46, B-48, B-49, X-5, F-1, F4D, F7U, D-558-1
Allis Chalmers licensed D.H. Goblin J36 XP-80, XF15C-1, XTB3F-1
Lockheed L-1000 J37 L-133
West Engineering ? J38 ?
General Electric I-20 J39 ?
Westinghouse 40E J40 F-3, X-10, F4D, F10F, XA3D
Packard PT-104/PT-4000 J41 ?
Pratt & Whitney licensed R-R Nene J42 F9F
Westinghouse ? J43 ?
Fairchild ? J44 C-123
Westinghouse ? J45 ?
Westinghouse 24C J46 F7U, F-7A
General Electric TG-190 J47 F-91, B-36, B-45, B-47, B-50, B-51, KC-97, F-1
Pratt & Whitney JT7 (licensed R-R Tay) J48 F-93, F-94, F9F
Packard PT-205 J49 ?
Westinghouse ? J50 ?
Wright TJA-1 J51 ?
Pratt & Whitney JT8 J52 A-4, A-6
General Electric ? J53 X-6
Westinghouse licensed R-R Avon J54 none
Frederic Flader 124 J55 ?
Allison ? J56 ?
Pratt & Whitney, Ford JT3 J57 F-100, F-101, F-102, F-8, B-52, B-57, B-60, C-135, A-3, U-2, X-16, F4D, F5D
Pratt & Whitney JT11D J58 SR-71, F-12
Wright TJ-7 J59 ?
Pratt & Whitney JT12 J60 B-57, C-140, T-2, T-39, H-59
Wright TJ-6 J61 ?
-- -- J62 not assigned?
Fairchild ? J63 ?
-- -- J64 not assigned?
Wright, Buick licensed A-S Sapphire J65 F-1, F-11, F-104, A-4, B-57
-- -- J66 not assigned?
Wright licensed Bristol Olympus J67 F-103, B-59
-- -- J68 not assigned?
Continental 352 (licensed Turboméca Marbore) J69 T-37, BQM-34
-- -- J70 not assigned?
Allison ? J71 B-47, B-66, F-3, P6M
-- -- J72 not assigned?
General Electric ? J73 F-86, F3H
-- -- J74 not assigned?
Pratt & Whitney JT4 J75 F-105, F-106, F-107, U-2, TR-1
-- -- J76 not assigned?
General Electric ? J77 none
-- -- J78 not assigned?
General Electric CJ805 J79 F-104, F-4, A-5, B-58, X-21, F-11, F12F
-- -- J80 not assigned?
Westinghouse licensed R-R Soar J81 none
-- -- J82 not assigned?
Fairchild ? J83 ?
-- -- J84 not assigned?
General Electric CJ610 J85 F-109, F-5, A-37, BQM-34, T-2, C-119, C-123, T-38, X-14
-- -- J86 not assigned?
General Electric X-211 J87 WS-125A NPB
-- -- J88 not assigned?
Allison ? J89 B-70
-- -- J90 not assigned?
Pratt & Whitney JTN9 J91 WS-125A NPB
-- -- J92 not assigned?
General Electric 7E J93 F-108, B-70
-- -- J94 not assigned?
Teledyne CAE 365 LJ95 ?
-- -- J96 not assigned?
General Electric GE1 J97 Compass Cope
-- -- J98 not assigned?
Rolls-Royce ? J99 ?
Teledyne Ryan ? J100 ?
General Electric GE15 J101 F-17
Allison ? J102 ?
Williams WR24 J400 X-48
Garrett AiResearch ? J401 ?
Teledyne CAE 370 J402 MQM-107, AGM-84, AGM-109
Microturbo TRI 60-3 J403 ?
Teledyne Ryan 312 J700 ?
Manufacturer Model Designation Aircraft

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General Electric J87 Nuclear-Powered Bomber Project


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